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Trident Services

Trident provides distribution and consulting services for the Managed Solutions Industry. Our collective experience enables us to specialize in multi asset class mandates that consist of Unified Managed Accounts (UMA), Separately Managed Accounts (SMA), ETF -40 ACT Fund Strategist (FSP).

Our team will design and execute on a distribution model that implements a variable cost structure. Prior to any engagement, our partners will invest the time to understand a firm’s culture, asset allocation philosophy, investment process, portfolio construction techniques and unique competitive advantages across their peer universe.

Our service model is positioned to complement management’s vision of firm growth and strategic evolution. We are committed to building an engagement that defines both entry and exit scenarios that are mutually beneficial with positive long term consequences to firm value.


  • Key Account & Gatekeeper Experience
  • Stepped Up Opportunities for Scale
  • Model Incentivized for Retention
  • Efficient use of Firm Resources
  • Aware of Branding and Firm Culture

Variable Cost Model

The rationale for outsourcing distribution is compelling for boutique investment managers. The majority of boutique managers are single mandate focused; this can present significant business risk during extended draw down periods or broad asset class underperformance due to market cyclicality or abnormal events that cause financial stress. The hard dollar cost to support and manage a sales desk may consume valuable resources during these periods.

Conversely, the fixed cost model works for mid to large size asset managers that surpassed AUM hurdles, where fee revenue can support sales infrastructure and absorb market fluctuations or periods of outflows.

The Trident model assists investment managers in building a bridge toward a fixed cost model, with built in checkpoints, where intelligent growth positions senior management to make prudent decisions on sales team build out.